Jojoba, the story of a passion

Jojoba is the story of Joelle Kharrat, a Lebanese girl passionate since her childhood about jewellery.

Joelle was born in Lebanon and studied in Europe. From her Lebanese roots will grow a deep interest for the Lebanese craftsmen’s knowhow and meticulous work. She will spend long hours watching them transforming fabrics, gold and other metals into beautiful pieces.
From Europe, where she worked in prestigious companies like L'Oreal and By Terry, she will be initiated to a luxurious and modern world where details and perfection, colours and aesthetics are the key to success in the cosmetic’s universe.

It is in 2008 when she comes back to Beirut that Joelle decides to create her own jewellery brand, Jojoba, enriched with the experiences of these two different cultures.

She will start creating her collections combining a modern, rock and edgy style to the traditional knowhow of the Lebanese craftsmen from the Bourj Hammoud region, a region totally dedicated to jewellery in Lebanon. With the same knowhow used for precious jewellery, every piece is created from wax moulds designed and created specifically for Jojoba and is a combination of materials and styles.

Modern and easy to wear, yet elegant and sophisticated, each necklace, earring, bracelet or ring is timeless, and can be worn any time, day and night.
Every Jojoba collection offers a multitude of possibilities, layering different styles, materials and colours, giving a feel of freedom to every woman who wants to express her unique personality...

Joelle Kharrat